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shareAcar.com Our services help you recude your journey time, reduce traffic, reduce your travel costs, share congestion charges and help to save the environment Check out our website for full details of how you can become a member and start benefiting from the unique shareAcar.com service.

shareAcar.com - Reducing Traffic on Britain's roads

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shareAcar.com was launched by Officepark Ltd in 2002 with a mission of providing a service which would reduce traffic on Britain's roads. The service works by users registering their regular journeys on a secure database and matching them with fellow commuters. By providing a safe enviroment to contact the other commuter, shareAcar offers the ability to share journeys reducing traffic, saving fuel, lessening stress and helping to beat congestion charges in major cities. The site additionally lists a national directory of park and ride schemes as well as other information relevant to the daily commuter.-  more...                          

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