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The concept of getting into a car with someone you do not know, or having them get into your car is of concern to many people. shareAcar is very conscious of this factor and has built this website with many safeguards in place to reduce potential problems. Our users safety and security was a prime consideration in the design and development of our service and is being actively reviewed as we receive feedback from users.

The safeguards we have taken include:

 Collecting contact information from every user, we verify the e-mail address by only sending the password to that address.

 We take a nominal amount (5) from a credit card as a further safeguard to ensure that users are both genuine and serious.

 We monitor feedback through the abuse form on the site.

 We only match your journey against journeys of people of the gender you specify, so if you are female and do not want to share with a male, not only will we not match your journeys with a male user, we will not even reveal your existence to a male user.

 We promise never to reveal your contact details to any other user. When you contact another user, you will only see their username, we do not reveal e-mail details, phone numbers or addresses. A response can only be returned to you via the shareAcar.com site using your username. You decide when you want to reveal other contact details by including them in the contact message.

Finally, we welcome feedback from you as to ways in which we can improve the service and make it the safe and secure environment we aim to promote.

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