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shareAcar.com operates a strict privacy policy. Your details will not be passed on to other shareAcar members without your permission.

Owing to the nature of the shareAcar concept which ultimately necessitates being in direct touch with another shareAcar member to arrange the sharing of a journey, some information must be passed on. This however is limited to only your shareAcar user name.

shareAcar provides a means of sending messages to other users and receiving them yourself, whilst the messages are sent via e-mail they do not reveal the e-mail address of the sender. The recipient can only respond by returning a message through the shareAcar.com website.

It is therefore up to individual users to decide at what point they provide direct contact details to another user.

Before doing so you should satisfy yourself that the person you are in touch with is bona fide and then only pass on direct contact details when you are fully satisfied. It you are arranging to meet another user for the first time, always ensure that you make other people (friends or colleagues) aware of your intentions.

shareAcar.com does not carry out any form of referencing or security checks on any of its members and is not able to take any responsibility for the safety and security of members.

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