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The concept of shareAcar.com is very simple, reduce the number of cars on our roads, by ensuring that those cars that remain are carrying passengers who would normally drive themselves thereby accounting for another car.

Car pools and lift sharing are not a new concept and have been operational for many years on a very limited scale. The problem has always been finding someone travelling a similar journey at a similar time to share with.

The internet provides a mechanism for quickly making contact with like minded individuals who are equally interested in easing the traffic congestion they suffer during their daily commute.

shareAcar is aimed at making those connections, by holding an up to date national database of journeys which is easily accessible by all members, shareAcar provides a unique opportunity to make contact with individuals travelling a similar route to yourself.

As shareAcarís database grows, so too does the opportunity to meet more people and further reduce the number of cars adding to the traffic problems of Britian.

To use shareAcar, you must first register.

Registration costs £5 and lasts for twelve months whereupon it is automatically renewed unless you cancel your subscription. Once you have registered you are able to log your own journeys in the shareAcar database.

Your journeys will be matched against other users travelling similar routes. The search capabilities of shareAcarís unique and comprehensive database enable you to vary your search criteria to locate a potential partner. Once matched, shareAcar provides a means of contacting the other party through an online messaging system which preserves your anonymity. Through this messaging system you can exchange details and arrange a suitable meeting point as well as who drives on which day.

You can change your details and journeys at any time using simple to use, intuitive screens within the shareAcar site. The system will hold up to 6 regular journeys for each user which can be repeated for any day of the week.

One year from launch, shareAcar is the biggest car sharing service

shareAcar now even safer with active monitoring service

50% increase as a result of London Congestion Charges

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Over 500 users join shareAcar on first day

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