Hertfordshire Carshare 
Safer car sharing for commuters in Hertfordshire 
Hertfordshire Car Share - The Safer Way to Share A Car
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About shareAcar.com
shareAcar.com was launched in October 2003 against the results of extensive market research which highlighted personal safety and not knowing the other party as the key reason why someone would not consider either taking a passenger or being a passenger.

From the outset, it was clear that to be effective, shareAcar had to ensure that ALL registered users had their details verified so that their identities could be confirmed. In addition, the service had to be instantly available, so that from taking the decision to register, through to making contact with a potential lift sharer took no more than 5 minutes.

shareAcar.com achieved all of this and in the space of a year became the No.1 car sharing network in the UK, now with the largest user base, a 10 credit for the use of the personal safety service AMBERresponse.com. All for just 5 per year.