Hampshire Carshare 
Safer car sharing for commuters in Hampshire 
Hampshire Car Share - The Safer Way to Share A Car
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Hampshire Car Share is focused on providing commuters living and working within Hampshire, the opportunity to meet with others travelling similar journeys to promote taking a single vehicle between them, rather than one each. Hampshire Car Share is part of the National, shareAcar.com group and promotes a safer environment for car sharing.

As a child, no doubt you were taught "never to get into a car with a stranger", and that is potentially what car sharing is. shareAcar.com is focued on making the system safer, which means that every person who registers, is verified to confirm their identity (not just a simple e-mail check). This provides you as a potential car sharer with a safer environment to meet a fellow commuter.

As part of this verification process, we take a small 5 per annum charge from your credit card. You register and pay online through our secure payment partner Protx. The whole process can be completed in under 5 minutes and you are then ready to find a passenger or driver to share your journey with.