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Berkshire Car Share - The Safer Way to Share A Car
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Berkshire Carshare - Your Safety
Providing a safer service does not mean that you should not take sensible precautions yourself, however, no other carsharing network offers the added benefit of With this, you nominate who you would like as emergency contact, this is typically friends, family or colleagues and you provide (via the website) details of how long your journey is likely to take.

At the start of your journey, you then send a text message to AMBERresponse and in this provide any additional details like where you are and the registration number of the car you are a passenger in. When you arrive at work (or home) you send a second text message to confirm you have arrived safely. If that second message is not received, AMBERresponse automatically contacts your nominated emergency contacts to let them know you may need assistance. They can then retrieve the details you have provided, either via the website, or from a 24 hour automated callcentre. When you register for berkshire carshare and pay your 5 subscription, you will receive a 10 credit for the use of, after using that credit you can continue to use the safety service for just 50pence per time.