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Website design and hosting by Officepark Ltd

shareAcar.com is part of part of Officepark Ltd, a web design and hosting company which was founded in 1996.

The concept of shareAcar.com was bourne in 2000 when preliminary development work started on the infrastructure to support it. It was however with the increasing volume of traffic and the proposed commencement of congestion charging in major cities which prompted the completion and launch of the site in 2002.

Key design features of the site have been both ease of use and security of personal information. shareAcar.com is providing a complete messaging service to enable you to contact other users and only revealing your own contact details when you are ready to.

Officepark Ltd was founded by John Clark and Hugh Douglas-Smith, both veterans of the IT industry. From initially developing sites to promote small and medium sized companies, services grew and product offerings expanded.

From the outset, Officepark has always endeavoured to provide some form of business benefit through their web sites as opposed to being pure “brochure ware”. Applications have included online package tracking for freight handlers, customer service management systems, vendor sites and aircraft booking systems.

Today, Officepark still provides dedicated design and management of customer sites, but is also focused on providing community sites bringing benefits to a wider audience. shareAcar.com.com is the first of these communities.

One year from launch, shareAcar is the biggest car sharing service

shareAcar now even safer with active monitoring service

50% increase as a result of London Congestion Charges

Edwina Currie and BBC RADIO FIVE LIVE Talks to shareAcar

Reading 107FM talks to a shareAcar user

Over 500 users join shareAcar on first day

Officepark Ltd Launches shareAcar.com